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Be realistic


While the Sun is our primary source of energy, it’s also one of our greatest threats (after all, it’s going to eat Earth in a few billion years). This incredible video created by NASA gives us front row seats to see 3 years of solar activities in a few minutes:




There are many coding bootcamps out there that provide scholarships for women to cover all or part of tuition and living expenses. Coding bootcamps are eager to have women apply so that more women can get into the tech field. There are lot of people in tech who are…

Because STEM jobs are dominated by computer science … and men.

Oh, You Guys!

This business of getting re-settled is for the birds! meanwhile, it’s coming along smoothly, in case you wondered. I’m still thinking about you while I’m arranging and finishing site designs.

I’m sad that I missed my blog rings this week, but there’s always next Sunday and Monday.

In other news, The little girl who was stabbed 19 times by her classmates was given the Purple Heartfrom an anonymous…

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Hunter S Dogson is fluffing my bed for me tonight. Such a sweet dog! #itsreallyforhim #hetakesthewholebed #instadog #beagle #funny

Research and Moving

Nine days ago, I began a research project on a whim. I wanted to understand the chemical reactions that occur in the human body as we communicate. I didn’t think I’d have to invent the research. I’ve been spending a few hours each day finding and breaking down the information into usable article material, and I love every second of it. It’s exhausting, though.

In order to understand brain…

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First Steps

Sometimes the first step is just that, a first step. I usually prefer to take a flying leap and have complete faith that I won’t land on my noggin.