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The Case for Genetically Modified Organisms #GMO

I can’t possibly explain this any better than IFLScience or Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, so here you go.

Turns out, the book light had more than one use. Yes, I’m alone in the dark eating chips and hot sauce. Criminal Minds isn’t the same with the lights on.

Blah Blah Blah

Yet another Please Forgive Me post ;)

I’ve been hard at work, as you may be able to tell. The server-side issues prompted a redesign. I’m finally satisfied with both the design and the operations. One of these days, I’ll just sit down and code my own blog. Maybe. I like being outside better than I like being inside, but winter is coming. Also, I have a little more work to do to make this site…

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It’s been a while since I posted a #selfie from the car. #calmdowniwasntdriving

Grateful Heart Monday

Grateful Heart Monday - Week 2! #gratefulheart @embergreyblog

I’ve been blogging for a decade. You may have noticed that my archive is updated with most things. Some of them are so ridiculous, and from the early days of MySpace where we would write favorites and then tag our friends. Many of them are stream of consciousness writing, something I’m great at.

Today is Grateful Heart Monday, and I’m still in love with Ember Grey.

Ember Grey

Today, I’m grateful that I…

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On Losing A Day

On Losing A Day

I lost a day somewhere. Actually, I gained one. I thought all day Thursday that it was Friday. Friday, I was up and ready to go to work like it was Saturday. Then my mom told me that it was actually Friday. So, I made origami cranes, took a nap, and emptied my Hulu queue. Fun, right? Except that now I feel so incredibly disconnected from the Universe, and not yet on time. I will be fixing that…

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When It’s Your Only Way Out

When It’s Your Only Way Out, Reach Out #suicide

Earlier today my heart was saddened, deeply, by learning of Robin Williams’ death. My heart aches for him and his family, as it did for Owen Wilson’s attempt, Barry Fey, really any suicide/attempt that I hear of. I’m only naming the famous, because my heart doesn’t see any reason to publicly out the survivors that I know personally.  My heart aches so deep, so thoroughly, that I’m struggling to…

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It just feels like a floor-length gown kind of afternoon.

In The Infinite Sadness, It Drifted Away

In The Infinite Sadness, It Drifted Away

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, brought about by conversations I’m finally having with people that stimulate my mind. It has been a few weeks of being consumed by what seemed to be an infinite sadness, an indelible mark that feels obviously observable. These things have the power to push me to tears in less than a second. Many of these things I don’t understand, and struggle for answers…

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It’s that kind of night. #NP separate ways