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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom Where You’re Planted

My foster-mother used to say this daily, “Bloom where you’re planted”.

I didn’t know at the time that she was quoting someone, and actually assumed it was a biblical reference of some sort. Not that where she got it really has anything to do with anything. She wanted us to do the best we could with what we had. And, I did. I was an exceptional student and a very hard worker. That has directly…

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Emma Watson UN Address HeForShe Transcription

Emma Watson UN Address HeForShe Transcription

Your Excellencies, UN Secretary General, President of the General Assembly, Executive Director of UN Women, and distinguished guests,

Today, we are launching a campaign called HeForShe. I am reaching out to you because we need your help. We want to end gender inequality, and to do this we need everyone involved. This is the first campaign of its kind at the UN. We want…

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Sometimes Just Writing is Best

Sometimes Just Writing is Best

I cruise around with thoughts in my head about what to write all the time. I saw a meme about an artist’s brain being like a browser with many tabs open at once. This is how I feel usually – always on. So, for all the great ideas floating around up there, I’m often stuck on what I could write about because I have no idea who my audience is. I don’t know who is listening, who is reading. I don’t…

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Grateful Heart Monday

#GratefulHeartMonday - Gratitude update :)

Ember Grey I am so grateful today! I mean, I’m pretty grateful each day, but today…today is tops. I launched – WE launched – the new business on Friday. It’s a boutique specializing in personal shopping, social event planning, video transcription, and a few other services. My heart is full. I’ve always just kind of wanted to offer everything I have – everything I can – to everyone I meet. Now I am! I can…

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What I Want

This week, I started on my Desire Map. If you haven’t heard, it’s an amazing way to get clarity and make your dreams come true. Author Danielle LaPorteis amazing, inspirational, and positive. I’ve owned my Desire Map workbook for almost 2 years. I finally decided to start doing it. I haven’t made it far, because all that reading and writing caused a breakthrough. I’ll get back to it in no time,…

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Excting things happening this week. Yes, I’m hand-writing my business plan. #new #stoked #ready

Friday Night Gem

I found this while cleaning my desk tonight. Yep, it’s a party up in here! Out. Of. Control.

Enjoy :)

In the Still of the Night
I hear the wolf howl, honey
Sniffing around your door
In the Still of the Night
I feel my heart beating heavy
Telling me I gotta have more

Wait, that’s not mine. It’s on my radio and seeping from my ears to my feet.

Here’s my gem:

I still feel your breath where the cool…

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Dark Chocolate Bacon Bars

Dark Chocolate Bacon Bars - @mariachen88 @Smiley360 This is for you!

This recipe is really easy.

Make bacon, crisp. I use 1lb for 10oz. – 12oz. of chocolate. Yes, that’s a lot. I love bacon, what can I say?

Cool bacon on paper towels on a plate so that the towels absorb the extra grease.

Get candy molds, or use parchment or foil line a pan of your choice. I prefer a jelly roll pan when I don’t want to fuss with the molds.

Melt chocolate using a double…

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The Good Ol’ 86

The Good Ol’ 86 from Blake Street Tavern #BST

My trivia team was kicked out of the bar we play at weekly, and have for 7 years. Well, I’ve only been there for a little over 3 years (4?), but THEY have been going to the same bar for 7 years (exactly seven next week, in fact), even through a venue change when the owner upgraded to what used to be PolyEster’s Nightclub (that’s throwing things WAY back).

I’ve only been kicked out of anywhere one…

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The Case for Genetically Modified Organisms #GMO

I can’t possibly explain this any better than IFLScience or Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, so here you go.

Turns out, the book light had more than one use. Yes, I’m alone in the dark eating chips and hot sauce. Criminal Minds isn’t the same with the lights on.

Blah Blah Blah

Yet another Please Forgive Me post ;)

I’ve been hard at work, as you may be able to tell. The server-side issues prompted a redesign. I’m finally satisfied with both the design and the operations. One of these days, I’ll just sit down and code my own blog. Maybe. I like being outside better than I like being inside, but winter is coming. Also, I have a little more work to do to make this site…

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